Young woman dies after being hit by train in Odense

A young woman in her 20s died on Saturday after being hit by a train in Odense, the news site reports.

Railway track
According to the police, the young woman probably died on the spot. Photo by Eberhard Grossgasteiger / Unsplash

The accident happened near a railway bridge. No other details related to the women have been made public at the time of writing.

“The person was simply too close to the tracks and did not pay attention to the train. There is a curve right where the incident occurred, which means that people see the train too late.

“The train driver also couldn’t see anything until it was too late,” chief of staff Torben Jakobsen at the Funen police told

Died on the spot

According to the police, the woman probably died on the spot.

Train traffic around Odense was halted for more than an hour in connection with the authorities’ work on the tracks.

“It’s just bad, bad luck. There is nothing to suggest otherwise. It is as tragic as it can be,” Jakobsen added.

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