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Today in Denmark: A roundup of the news on Tuesday

Government wants to withdraw North Sea oil tender, escaped monkey captured using banana and rail tickets set for price hike. Here’s the news from Denmark on Tuesday.

Today in Denmark: A roundup of the news on Tuesday
Not the capuchin monkey which escaped in North Zealand. Photo by Joy Ernst on Unsplash

Government wants to withdraw gas and oil tender in North Sea 

The government wants to stop a tender for a small number of gas and oil mining contracts in the Elly-Luke field in the North Sea, climate minister Lars Aagaard confirmed on social media yesterday.

That comes after oil company Bluenord retracted an unsolicited offer to search for and extract fossil fuels from the area.

“The government proposes that we stop the mini-tender regarding Elly and Luke, since Bluenord has withdrawn its application. As stated in the North Sea [political] Agreement, this must be agreed on with parties in the political agreement. I will do that tomorrow,” Aagaard wrote.

The tender round for oil and gas extraction in the North Sea has been criticised by opposition parties and environmental organisations, who have argued that Denmark will damage its reputation as a leader in green policies with the tender.

Vocabulary: udbudsrunde – tender

Faroe Islands MP objects to low-flying military aircraft

Neither Danish nor Faroese authorities were informed that a US Military aircraft would fly low over the Faroe Islands, an autonomous territory in the North Sea that is part of the Kingdom of Denmark.

Member of parliament Sjúrður Skaale from the Faroese party Javnaðarflokkurin criticised the August 5th flyby in comments to broadcaster DR, which has video footage of the aircraft’s low path over the Faroese cliffs.

“It was flying very low. Nobody knows who it belongs to. You assume that someone knows it’s a friendly aircraft that is on an exercise. But then it emerge that no-one had been informed of anything,” Skaale told DR.

“That makes people nervous,” he added and said he had raised the issue with Defence Minister Troels Lund Poulsen.

Vocabulary: en overflyvning – a flyby

Escaped monkey from rescue zoo found after three months

A monkey which escaped in June from the Odsherred Rescue Zoo has finally been found and is back in captivity, local media TV2 Øst reports.

The animal, a capuchin monkey, has been spotted several times in northern Zealand in the last two months and on Sunday appeared at a home in the town of Klint near Nykøbing. The couple who live at the address were able to capture the monkey using a banana (what else?), and managed to get it to enter their greenhouse.

The zoo’s owner, Joan Thygesen, said she was relieved at the recovery of the little monkey, which is not easy to catch due to its agility and ability to quickly scale tall trees.

“We’ve been out looking for him every day. We have two or three teams who have been out looking for him all the time. They’ve been everywhere from Årstoften to Grevinge to Nykøbing and Rørvig,” she said to TV2 Øst, reeling off a list of local towns.

Vocabulary: adræthed – agility

Rail fares to go up in 2024

The price of rail tickets will increase by up to 13 percent in Denmark next year, with most locations in the country likely to see higher fares.

National rail operator DSB announced its 2024 fares yesterday after agreement with regional traffic companies and operators Arriva and DOT.

The fares for 2024 were published by DSB on its website, and will come into effect on January 21st.

Prices are being put up next in response to increasing costs, the rail operator said.

The “price regulation” which will take effect next year comes after a “backlog of costs from 2022 and 2023”, it said.

Vocabulary: prisstigninger – price increases

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Today in Denmark: A roundup of the news on Friday

Weather outlook for the weekend, Lego teams up for new Fortnite game, police make Christiania-related arrests and more news from Denmark on Friday.

Today in Denmark: A roundup of the news on Friday

Warmer, but wet and grey weekend ahead 

Icy roads and snow-covered gardens are about to melt away, with weather conditions this weekend forecast to be above freezing and thereby warmer than the temperatures we’ve seen so far in December.

There won’t be much in the way of brightness, unfortunately, with a blanket of grey clouds likely to swaddle Denmark.

“Friday will start mostly dry for everyone, but during the afternoon an area of precipitation will move over us from the southwest,” meteorologist Anja Bodholdt of national Met office DMI told news wire Ritzau.

The melting snow will result in high humidity, with low-hanging clouds and poor visibility.

“On Saturday, another grey day awaits with fog and mist in many places, and some rain or sleet will fall here and there,” Bodholdt said.

Vocabulary: gråvejrsdag – grey weather day

Lego joins forces with Epic Games for latest ‘Fortnite’ game

Danish toy giant Lego and US videogame leader Epic Games have joined forces to launch “Lego Fortnite” in a bid to grow a platform already used by hundreds of millions of people, news wire AFP writes.

The game, which like prior Fortnite offerings is free to download, features the colourful animated landscape familiar to gamers but with figures who come from the Danish company’s distinct universe.

While the setting resembles that of the original Fortnite game, first launched in 2017, the playable space in the Lego version is 19 times as big.

Thursday’s announcement marks the first significant project between Lego and Epic since the company announced in April 2022 that it, along with Sony, would invest $2 billion in the North Carolina company.

The game’s designers ensured that all the settings and characters who appear in the game could be built in the real world with Lego pieces.

Vocabulary: at lancere et product – to launch a product

Police make six arrests for organised sales of cannabis in Christiania

Copenhagen Police yesterday arrested six men in a coordinated action which took place at the Pusher Street area in Christiania along with a number of other locations in the city, broadcaster DR reports.

The men have been charged with selling between 102 and 224 kilograms of hash from a stand at Pusher Street, the illicit market which Christiania residents have said they no longer want to operate.

Police said they are looking for a seventh man but that one of the arrested is the leader of the ring.

“During the arrests, we also carried out searches where we found other things, including a lot of cash and a quantity of narcotics, which are now also part of the case,” Copenhagen Police investigator Simon Hansen said in a statement.

Vocabulary: anholdelser – arrests

Webshop customers entitled to refunds for ‘hidden’ subscriptions

A number of Danish webshops have been found to have misled customers by automatically registering them for a subscription when they purchase a product.

A ruling by the Danish Supreme Court will require, and to refund subscription fees dating back to 2017.

Customers were able to purchase products such as books, toys and electronics from the online stores.

The court found that the three sites failed in their obligation to clearly communicate the premise for purchases made on their platforms.