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PODCAST: Will immigration row topple Macron’s government and how will France’s discount rail pass work?

The Talking France podcast is back discussing all the French talking points from the week - from the brewing political storm over immigration to a glossy new TV series, via cheap train tickets, Alpine tourism and how to get a property bargain.

PODCAST: Will immigration row topple Macron's government and how will France's discount rail pass work?

In a cross-border podcast episode, host Ben Partland is joined by Rachel Loxton from the Germany in Focus podcast to discuss how the €49 train ticket works in France – and whether it could be adapted to France.

Regular contributors The Local France editor Emma Pearson, journalist Genevieve Mansfield and politics expert John Lichfield are all back to talk about the big news in France.

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A political storm is brewing in France (yes, another one) over the issue of immigration. Emmanuel Macron’s new immigration bill is currently pleasing no-one and looks likely to be blocked in parliament – but will Macron cave under pressure from both the left and the right? And who will he side with?

A high-profile French figure is the latest to get the Netflix treatment, with a splashy new drama about his life. But who was Bernard Tapie – businessman, politician, singer, football club president and prisoner?

We’re heading off to the Alps to look at how climate change is altering the face of Alpine tourism – from ski resorts to hiking lodges.

And we’ve got a tip to get a bargain property in France (if that is, you don’t mind waiting for the vendor to die. Yes, really – this is the system known as viager).

And stay tuned to the end for our French words of the Week – this time the selection relates to the classic French pastime of complaining. 

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PODCAST: How can France’s stormy political crisis be resolved and will the Olympics go to plan?

The Talking France team is back with a jam-packed final episode of the season with the latest on France's political crisis and whether France is headed for a chaotic summer, between a parliament that cannot govern and the Paris Olympics.

PODCAST: How can France's stormy political crisis be resolved and will the Olympics go to plan?

Host Ben McPartland is joined by The Local France’s Emma Pearson, Genevieve Mansfield and John Lichfield to discuss the aftermath of France’s parliamentary elections in France, as well as what is in store for this summer.

We start off this week by giving you all of the latest about the ongoing political crisis, with the new configuration of the Assemblée Nationale, the three possible outcomes for France’s parliament in the months to come and how long the current impasse may last.

You can find the Talking France podcast on Spotify or Apple, download it here or listen on the link below

The Talking France group also discusses regional differences in how people voted in France, from Brittany in the west to the Riviera.

We also bring listeners through the manifesto of the left-wing coalition Nouveau Front Populaire, who now holds the largest bloc in parliament.

Looking ahead to the rest of the summer, we discuss expectations for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, weather and how our hosts will spend their holidays. 

We’re now off on our summer holidays and the podcast will return in September – in the meantime you can find our entire back catalogue HERE

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