Body in Spanish Pyrenees likely French murder suspect: Spain

Spanish police on Monday confirmed finding skeletal remains in the Pyrenees, saying that they probably belong to a French father suspected of killing two teachers in France eight months ago.

Body in Spanish Pyrenees likely French murder suspect: Spain
Body found in Spanish Pyrenees mostly likely French murder suspect. Photo: armennano / Pixabay

The remains were found early Sunday in Pena Oroel in the foothills of the Pyrenees by a man who was out hunting, the Guardia Civil police said.

“In light of the belongings found next to the body, everything suggests it is likely to be the French national who has been missing since July 4th,” it said. “However, we must await final confirmation from DNA tests.”

A report in the Heraldo de Aragón newspaper said the hunter spotted a white crash helmet with a mobile phone, a charger and the body lying nearby.

On July 4th, Aurelie Pardon, a 32-year-old French teacher, and 55-year-old sports teacher Gabriel Fourmigue were shot dead in the French village of Pouyastruc in the Pyrenees.

The suspect, Cedric Tauleygne, fled on a motorcycle that was later found on the Spanish side of the border. Tauleygne was the woman’s former partner.

They had two children together and were in the process of separating.

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Wreck of Spanish trawler found 16 months after tragedy

The wreck of a Spanish fishing trawler that sunk off the Canadian coast in February 2022 claiming 21 lives, has been found, officials and family members said Monday.

Wreck of Spanish trawler found 16 months after tragedy

When the Villa de Pitanxo went down in waters off Newfoundland on Canada’s Atlantic coast, 24 people went overboard in Spain’s worst fishing tragedy in nearly 40 years.

Rescuers found three survivors in a lifeboat suffering from severe hypothermia and recovered nine bodies but the remains of the remaining 12 crew members were never found.

And when the wreckage was located, there was no sign of their remains.

“The wreck of the Villa de Pitanxo was found… very close to the location where the ship’s automatic identification system (AIS) emitted its last signal,” a transport ministry statement said.

The vessel that located the wreckage sent out a robot which was able to film it, with the images sent to investigators who are looking into the cause of the accident.

The survivors have given different versions about what caused it to sink, and the footage would be “incorporated into the investigation,” the ministry said.

María José de Pazo, a spokeswoman for the victims’ families, told RTVE public television they had held onto hope that the missing bodies would be found.

“The discovery of the boat is important for the investigation but also for the families from a psychological point of view,” she said.

The trawler’s captain and his nephew say the boat sank in high seas due to engine failure, but the third person who survived, a Ghanaian sailor, said its net got caught on the seabed but the skipper refused to cut it loose so as not to lose the catch.

Both the captain and the ship’s owner are under investigation for 21 counts of reckless homicide.

Onboard the vessel were 16 Spaniards, five Peruvians and three Ghanaians.