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Reader question: When will Vienna drop the mask requirement for public transport?

For several months, the Austrian capital has been the only province with a strict FFP2 mask mandate in public transport. But, with federal measures dropping soon, will Vienna abolish its face masks?

vienna tram wiener Linien public transport
Vienna has a mask mandate for its public transport (Photo by Wyron A on Unsplash)

The “Viennese way” has been a controversial part of Austria’s fight against the coronavirus pandemic, as the capital often used its prerogative to have stricter rules than the federal government. However, with Covid-19 numbers dropping, all but one Viennese restriction has been lifted: the mandatory use of FFP2 masks in public transport.

For months now, people riding public transport from Bregenz to Eisenstadt have been able to do so without wearing a mask – but that is not the case in Vienna. 

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In the capital, Mayor Michael Ludwig (SPÖ) insisted that masks were necessary to contain the pandemic, especially during the winter, when other respiratory infections have afflicted the population.

But the stricter measures have been criticised even by experts recently, as some Austrian epidemiologists claimed they were “no longer understandable”

Earlier this month, Health Minister Johannes Rauch (Greens) announced that the country would drop all Covid restrictions by the end of June. As a result, as of May, there will no longer be a mask requirement in hospitals, nursing homes and doctor’s offices, as reported.

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Vienna, however, could keep its restrictions – but not forever. The Covid Measures Act, which allowed provinces to opt for stricter guidelines if they deemed necessary, will expire in July. There is, therefore, a deadline for the Viennese way.  

Will Vienna drop its mask requirements sooner?

Vienna could, of course, drop its stricter restrictions earlier than the deadline. The capital’s Act with the FFP2 mask mandate in public transport is set to expire on February 28th. The city could extend it – as it has done countless times before – but it could also let it expire, dropping the mask obligation starting in March.

This Wednesday, February 8th, the City of Vienna will discuss the further course of action in the fight against the coronavirus. Mayor Ludwig is set to meet with Covid experts at City Hall and the main point of discussion is the future of the mask mandate, Austrian media has reported.

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The City could also discuss other stricter measures it currently has, including the mandatory PCR test for people visiting the elderly and sick and the rule mandating hospital staff to test every week.

The measures that will continue to apply in March should be announced soon. If the city abolishes the mask requirement in the public transport system, the operators could voluntarily include it in their house rules, but it is unlikely that they would do so. 

Tram, bus and metro operator Wiener Linien told broadcaster ORF that t would only impose a mask requirement in line with regulations. ÖBB also said it would adopt the province rules.

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Neuwaldegger Bad

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A specialty of the place is the restaurant, where the owner prepares home-cooked meals.

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