Britons in France: How have you been affected by the drop in the value of the pound?

The value of the pound against the euro has fallen again in recent days following the UK government's mini-budget. But how will it impact your lives in France? We want to hear from you.

Britons in France: How have you been affected by the drop in the value of the pound?

The pound is on the slide once again and that means that for those of you living in France who have income in sterling, it could have a huge impact.

It is of course not the first time the pound has dropped in value. We saw the same happen in the immediate aftermath of the Brexit referendum, which hit many of our readers hard.

British pensioners living across France who received their income in pounds were particularly hard hit.

Please take a minute to fill in this survey and share it with people you know. We’d like to explain just how a drop in the value of the pound affects the lives of UK nationals living abroad.

Thanks for your time.


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France to begin phasing out paper receipts for shoppers

A new French anti-waste law is set to go into effect in the new year, and it could spell the end of paper sales receipts in l'Hexagone.

France to begin phasing out paper receipts for shoppers

If you live in France, or are planning to visit in the new year, you might find your pockets or the bottom of your purse a bit emptier, as the country is doing away with automatically printed receipts (cash register tickets).

As part of a French anti-waste law voted on in 2020, the new regulation, which comes into effect January 1st, 2023, aims to fight “against the dangerous substances present in cash register tickets” and “to remedy the significant waste that these tickets represent,” according to the French government website Service-Public.

According to Service-Public, there are at least 30 billion sales receipts printed each year, creating lots of waste.

Parts of the anti-waste law have already come into effect, outlawing things like single-use plastic cutlery and coffee and cups and limiting packaging on food.

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The new rules regarding receipts will apply broadly, according to Ouest France, “both large and medium sized stores” across France, as well as “any establishment receiving the public where receipts are issued” will have to respect the anti-waste regulation.

This also includes vending machines and bank card tickets as well, according to Service-Public.

Customers can, however, still request a printed receipt if they would like one. 

Additionally, those who want a record of what they purchased or how much it cost can also request a non-printed receipt – either in the form of an email, text message, or perhaps on their online profile with the store (if they hold a loyalty card).

As for companies’ perspectives, the “Federation of Commerce and Distribution” told Ouest France that French businesses were not “asking for this law,” but “are keen to respect [it]” and that they are committed to reducing their environmental impact.

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Helpful vocabulary

Receipt – ticket de caisse, un reçu

Non-printed receipt/ e-ticket – ticket de caisse dématérialisé

Waste – Gaspillage

Could I please have a receipt printed? – Est-ce que je pourrais avoir un reçu imprimé ?

Could I please have a receipt by text message? Est-ce que je pourrais avoir le ticket de caisse par SMS ? 

Could I please have a receipt by email? – Est-ce que je pourrais avoir le ticket de caisse par mail ? 

I have a loyalty card. Could you please upload the receipt to the online portal/ application? J’ai une l carte de fidélité. Est-ce que vous pouvez envoyer le ticket de caisse dans mon espace personnel dans l’application ?