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Tell us: What culture shocks have you experienced in Germany?

Whether it's customer service, crossing the road, tipping or the toilets, let us know the culture shocks you've experienced in Germany.

A tip left on a receipt
Tipping and service culture in Germany can differ to other countries. Photo: picture alliance/dpa | Peter Kneffel


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TELL US: What’s life like for foreigners in small-town Germany?

Many people have an idyllic impression of a life in the countryside surrounding by green hills and friendly neighbours - but is that the reality in Germany? We'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences for a future article.

TELL US: What's life like for foreigners in small-town Germany?

While many internationals flock to big cities like Frankfurt and Munich, a significant portion of the German population live in small towns all around the country. 

According to the latest estimates, around 24 million people live in some 2,100 small towns in rural or semi-rural areas in Germany – and the government is keen for this number to rise.

In fact, Housing Minister Klara Geywitz (SPD) recently announced a big initiative to try and get people to move to the countryside. That’s because, in contrast to the severe housing shortages in major cities, there are apparently around 1.3 million properties currently standing empty in rural areas.

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But despite the clear benefits of cleaner air and safer streets, Geywitz also admitted that big improvements would need to be made – for example in transport and digital infrastructure – to encourage a new generation of people to swap the bustling city for life auf dem Land.

We’d love to know what your experience of living in small-town Germany has been like. Do you love the tight-knit community or is it harder to meet new people? Is the quality of life an improvement or do you find yourself starved of things to do?

Let us know by filling in the survey below and we’ll use your thoughts for a future article.