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Today in Sweden: A roundup of the latest news on Monday

Find out what's going on in Sweden today with The Local's short roundup of the news in less than five minutes.

Today in Sweden: A roundup of the latest news on Monday
Sweden's Foreign Minister Ann Linde. Photo: AP Photo/Olivier Matthys

New reports to focus on immigrants’ living conditions

A new series of reports is set to shed light on the living conditions of Sweden’s largest immigrant groups from Africa (Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia) and Asia (Syria, Iraq and Iran). The first report, which is scheduled to be released on May 28th, will look at, among other things, education, crowded housing, unemployment, entrepreneurship, and economic standard among the 110,000 Somalians who live in Sweden.

Ahmed Abdirahman, founder of the Global Village Foundation, which has produced the report based on data by Statistics Sweden, told the TT news agency that the aim of the report was to spark a fact-based discussion about gaps between Swedish communities.

“I feel a responsibility. Not because we are an immigrant group, but because we are a country. We’re here, we live here. Sweden is my country,” he told TT.

Swedish vocabulary: responsibility – (ett) ansvar

Record-low number of teenage mums in Sweden

Fewer and fewer teenagers give birth in Sweden, reports public broadcaster SVT. Only 512 babies were born to teen mothers in 2020, compared to more than 6,000 in 1973.

“We know that the prescriptions of long-lasting forms of contraceptives have increased in the past decade, and the largest increase is seen in the age group of young women under the age of 20,” Inga Maj Andersson, an expert at the National Board of Health and Welfare, told SVT.

Changing attitudes to education and careers are also thought to be a contributing factor, with more people waiting to have children until they have a foot in the job market.

Swedish vocabulary: teenager – (en) tonåring

Swedish Foreign Minister slams Belarus over ‘reckless’ arrest

Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde, who is the current chairperson-in-office of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), was one of several leaders who condemned the arrest of journalist Raman Pratasevich in Minsk on Sunday.

According to media reports, Belarus forced a Ryanair commercial flight – travelling between EU capitals Athens and Vilnius – to divert from its route and land in the Belarusian capital. Pratasevich, a critic of the Belarusian regime, was then arrested at the airport.

“I am alarmed by reports that a civilian plane has been forced to land in Minsk in order to arrest independent journalist Raman Pratasevich,” said Linde in a statement. “It is a deeply disturbing and reckless behavior. I call on Belarus to immediately release journalist Pratasevich.”

EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen called for the immediate release of the journalist, tweeting: “The outrageous and illegal behaviour of the regime in Belarus will have consequences. Those responsible for the Ryanair hijacking must be sanctioned.”

Swedish vocabulary: airport – (en) flygplats

Greta Thunberg launches farm campaign: ‘We are creating the perfect conditions for diseases to spill over’

Climate campaigner Greta Thunberg launched an appeal on Saturday for a change in food production and consumption in the face of repeated crises threatening the world.

“The climate crisis, ecological crisis and health crisis they are all interlinked,” Thunberg said in a video posted on social media for international biodiversity day. “Millions have died from Covid 19, Zika, Ebola, West Nile fever, SARS, MERS, HIV-AIDS,” as viruses jump from animals to humans, she added.

“The way we farm and treat nature cutting down forests and destroying habitats, we are creating the perfect conditions for diseases to spill over from one animal to another – and to us,” the 18-year-old said.

Swedish vocabulary: food – mat

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