Weather: Storm to strike Germany over three-day weekend

At the upcoming three-day weekend, outdoor dining is reopening in large parts of the country. But there’s one factor that could still get in the way of plans: the weather.

Weather: Storm to strike Germany over three-day weekend
Storm clouds were already spotted in Munich on Thursday. Photo: picture alliance/dpa | Peter Kneffel

Wet and windy weather is expected around the Bundesrepublik thanks to the weather front “Marco”, according to the German Weather Service (DWD) on Thursday. 

The storm, which hails all the way from the British Isles, is traveling up through north Germany on its way to Denmark and Scandinavia. 

And its making itself known: On Friday, when outdoor dining reopens in much of the country including Berlin, Bavaria and Saxony, Germany will see gusts of wind of up to 60 and 70 kilometres per hour, especially in the west and northwest of the country.

In Hamburg and Munich, temperatures will hover around 16C with rain, while they will be sunnier in Frankfurt (18C) and Berlin (20C).

Saturday will start out cloudy, but also be peppered with sun in many parts of Germany. Then the clouds from the west will become denser, followed by a downpour of rain and, in some locations, thunderstorms.

Amid the damp weather, the mercury will reach 8 to 12C, but in the east that could pick up to 17C or 18C.

The outlook on Sunday is not much brighter: most of the country will be covered in clouds, bringing light rain and in some cases storms. The mercury will range between 11 and 17C. 

But on Monday, the national public holiday of Pfingsten (Pentecost), temperatures are expected to rise. The DWD predicts milder and largely dry weather with highs up to 23C, at least for a broad strip from the southwest to the east. 

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Warm air masses from eastern Europe could even bring temperatures between 25 and 30C to the eastern part of Germany.

In the southeast and northwest, however, clouds and showers or showery rain are expected.

Taking the mixed stormy and sunny weekend weather into account, DWD concluded that people in Germany should prepare for weekend temperatures that are neither too hot nor too cold.

“Turning off the heating is hardly worth it. Sandals and shorts can also remain in the closet. It is also advisable to secure loose objects or light plant pots in defence against Marco,” the DWD wrote in a weather report on Thursday.

Yet while outdoor diners may not be happy about seeing their tablecloths whisked away by a sudden strong wind, meteorologists are rejoicing about above-average rain that the month of May has brought to the Bundesrepublik. 

“Sufficient precipitation has fallen in most regions of Germany so far in May,” said forecaster Jacqueline Kernn. “In some cases, the measured rainfall amounts are also significantly above the long-term average. Nature is happy about this.”

For the past few summers, amid record hot and dry temperatures, Germany has experienced a drought which has led to forest fires and agricultural shortages, amid other consequences. 

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Snow and highs of 20C: Germany set for ‘rollercoaster’ weather before Easter

From snowstorms to dazzling sunshine, the famously changeable spring weather is set to hit Germany in the run-up to the Easter holidays.

Snow and highs of 20C: Germany set for 'rollercoaster' weather before Easter

Though winter is well behind us, you may well find yourself reaching for your snow jacket once more as Germany is set for some pretty erratic weather over the coming days.

Snow and hailstorms have set in everywhere from the northern coast to the Bavarian Alps, and this blast of cold is likely to endure in the week ahead, according to weather experts.

“The current Easter forecasts point to new cold air from Palm Sunday and this cold air could then even more or less hold its own until Easter Sunday,” meteorologist Dominik Jung told Bild. 

But in true April style, there will also be bouts of warm sunshine in between the cold spells, he added.

“Again and again, forecasts are also appearing that show 20C and more at Easter.”

Generally, German meteorological models don’t predict this far in the future, so the US model is currently being used to predict whether we’ll be in jackets or shorts over the Easter break.

So far, the German Weather Service (DWD) has predicted that rain showers, clouds and chilly temperatures will be the main feature of the week ahead, with snow hitting the northeastern and higher-altitude regions over the weekend. 

Schwangau in snow

The castle of Schwangau in Bavaria was covered in snow on Monday. Photo: picture alliance/dpa | Karl-Josef Hildenbrand

However, DWD also forecasts temperatures of up to 17 or 19C in some parts of the country. 

“It is the eternal battle between the remaining wintry cold air and the summer air masses that are now pushing into Europe,” said Jung. “This has been going on for weeks now and this back and forth will probably continue until Easter.”

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Here’s what to expect over the coming days:

Tuesday: Snow in the Alps and eastern mountains, scattered clouds and sunshine in the southwest and northeast, heavy winds in the north. Temperatures between 3C and 12C. 

Wednesday: Overcast skies, light breeze and sunny spells with occasional rainshowers. Heavy winds in mountain regions. Temperatures between 7C and 18C.

Thursday: Heavy clouds, rainstorms and thunder and lightning in some regions in the morning, making way for clearer skies in the afternoon and evening. Fresh southwesterly wind with mild temperatures of 10 to 19C. 

Friday: A mixture of sun and clouds and scattered rain throughout the day, mild temperatures and occasional thunderstorms in southern regions. Temperatures between 9C and 19C. 

Saturday: Stormy winds and chilly temperatures, accompanied by scattered rainstorms and heavy clouds. Temperatures of 5C to 9C in the northern regions and 9C to 14C elsewhere. 

Palm Sunday: Clearer skies and mostly dry weather northeastern regions, overcast skies and scattered showers elsewhere. Temperatures of 4C to 8C in the north and northern and 7C to 12C in other parts of the country. 

Monday: Southern regions to see more cloudy skies, isolated showers and occasional snowfall, while northern regions will enjoy clear skies and sunshine. Temperatures between 4C and 11C.