This Swedish town just had its hottest January day in 162 years

The Swedish town of Örebro recorded the highest January temperature it had seen since 1858 on Wednesday.

This Swedish town just had its hottest January day in 162 years
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The local weather station measured a temperature of 10.3C, which was later upgraded to 10.5C following a further check. Meteorologist Nitzan Cohen told SVT Örebro the figure was “remarkable”.

Even still, the central southern town wasn't the warmest spot in the country on Wednesday.

Norrköping and Bromma in the Stockholm area both measured 10.5C, while further south in Gladhammar the mercury reached 10.7C. Several other spots topped 10C on Wednesday, including Harstena, Hudiksvall, Kuggören, Södertälje, Oskarshamn and Adelsö.

“It's very mild air but there hasn't been a national record,” SMHI meteorlogist Ibrahim Al-Mausawe said. “The record for January is 12C.”

That's in contrast to neighbouring Norway, which broke its record for the hottest January day not once but twice this week, reaching 19C.

Sweden has also had an unusually mild winter, which has led to a lack of snow in many parts of the country.

Instead, rain and cloud cover have made the season feel darker than normal so far, with much of Sweden on average getting only around 10-30 hours of sunlight in November.

In northern Sweden, the mild temperatures cause problems for reindeer herders. Alternating snow, thaw and rain create deep ground frost and the impenetrable ice which makes it hard for the reindeer to get to food. 

Swedish vocabulary

on Wednesday – på onsdagen

check (noun) – (en) kontroll

degrees – grader

air – luft

record – (ett) rekord

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