Swedish town gets only three hours of sunshine in November

Towns like Stockholm and Lund also had a much darker November than normal.

Swedish town gets only three hours of sunshine in November
Many parts of Sweden have had fewer sunlight hours than normal. Photo: Anders Wiklund/TT

If you were to say it's been an especially dark month of November, you would not be wrong.

Spare a thought for residents of the town of Växjö, who have only seen the sun for three hours so far this month. They usually get around 45 hours of sunlight, according to weather agency SMHI.

In fact, that makes it the darkest November in 11 years.

Lund in southern Sweden fared slightly better, with just below 15 hours of sunlight – which is still a far cry from its usual 52. Stockholm, which normally gets 54 hours of sunlight, scraped together 28.

Gothenburg on the west coast got 10 hours of sunlight, compared to its usual average of 56 hours.

But there's hope yet.

No matter where you live in Sweden, you can expect a lovely, crisp end of November.

“This weekend it will be colder and sunny across the country. In southern Sweden it will be around freezing or somewhat below freezing. In northern Sweden it will be properly cold, five or ten degrees below freezing and sunny,” SMHI meteorologist Malva Lindborg told the TT newswire late on Thursday.


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