Swedish government to propose tougher weapon licence laws

The Swedish government will put forward a bill that would require all weapon magazines to have a licence, or be connected to a licensed weapon, Interior Minister Mikael Damberg has said.

Swedish government to propose tougher weapon licence laws
Interior Minister Mikael Damberg presents a 34-point programme to tackle gang violence. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

According to the police, the tougher rules would be an important tool in combating gang violence.

The bill is set to be prepared later in the autumn and would enter into force on July 1st, 2020. That's if it can be passed in parliament, which Interior Minister Mikael Damberg said he thought was likely.

“Police have said that this is something they need, we have obvious problems with shootings,” he said of the proposal.

Hunters or people who practice shooting as a sport would be able to own magazines linked to licensed firearms, Damberg confirmed.

He said that under current laws, police were sometimes required to return magazines found in apartments or during police searches if it could not be proved that they were linked to crime.

People found with weapons magazines without a licence for them could be sentenced to fines or up to six months' imprisonment under the proposed law.

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