How to make Tuscan mushroom soup, a delicacy from Maremma

At this time of year in Italy, there's nothing better than the flavours of the forest. If you love Italian porcini and other mushrooms, why not try this flavourful Tuscan soup? Food writer Silvana Lanzetta shares a traditional regional recipe.

How to make Tuscan mushroom soup, a delicacy from Maremma
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I found this recipe some time ago, in an old book belonging to my mum. It can be hard (and expensive) to find the mushrooms required by the original recipe, but I’ve found that using mixed woodland mushrooms and enhancing them with some dried porcini makes a very lovely soup.

If you can afford it, do try to get all the original ingredients: the result is absolutely divine.

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If you’re worried about the raw egg, stir it in a couple of minutes before removing the soup from the heat.

Tuscan mushroom soup is best served immediately. It doesn’t store well in the fridge, and it’s not advisable to freeze it.

Ingredients (4 servings)

600g porcini mushrooms

300g chanterelles

300g Chiodini mushrooms

Chiodini mushrooms. Photo: DepositPhotos


400g chestnut mushrooms

600g mixed woodland mushrooms

50g dried porcini mushrooms (soak them in boiling hot water for 30 minutes before adding to the pot)


4 garlic cloves

1 litre chicken stock

2 eggs

70g grated Pecorino Romano + extra to serve

12 slices toasted bread


1. Start by cleaning the mushrooms: remove all the woody stalks with a paring knife, then clean them with the help of a damp towel to remove all the dirt. Slice the porcini and the chanterelles.

2. Gently heat the oil in a large saucepan, add the crushed garlic and simmer for a few minutes, then add the mushrooms. Raise the heat, and sauté until the water created by the mushrooms has evaporated. Add the chicken stock, bring to boil, then lower the heat to a minimum. Simmer for about 30 minutes, stirring occasionally (do not cover).

3. Toast the sliced bread, rub a garlic clove on each side and set aside. In a bowl, beat the eggs with some salt, pepper, and 70g grated Pecorino Romano.

4. When the soup is ready, serve it in bowls, spoon the egg mixture on each of the portions, and serve it with the bread and extra grated Pecorino cheese.

Silvana Lanzetta. Photo: Private

Silvana Lanzetta was born into a family of pasta makers from Naples and spent 17 years as a part-time apprentice in her grandmother’s pasta factory. She specializes in making pasta entirely by hand and runs regular classes and workshops in London.

Find out more at her website,, including this recipe and others.

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