Mallorca: British tourist who claimed he slipped by pool filmed ‘balconing’ into tree

A British holidaymaker demanded his hotel in Mallorca pay his €37,000 hospital bill claiming he had slipped by the pool. But then a video emerged that slightly undermined his version of events...

Mallorca: British tourist who claimed he slipped by pool filmed 'balconing' into tree
A beach in Magaluf, Mallorca, which is popular with British holidaymakers. Photo: AFP

The young Briton broke his collarbone and several ribs in a fall at a hotel in Magaluf, a resort on the island of Mallorca popular with young British holidaymakers.

His injuries left him with a €37,000 hospital bill which he tried to force his hotel to pay, claiming he had suffered the fall after he slipped by the pool.

However travel insurance investigators then began looking into the incident and came across a video posted online and published by the local newspaper Diario de Mallorca that presents a very different version of events.

The video shows the young man leaping off a stair rail into a tree before crashing to the ground and rolling around in obvious pain.

Neither the British holidaymaker or the hotel where he was staying have been identified.

The incident comes a week after another British tourist died after plunging from the second floor of a hotel in Magaluf.

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Two Americans die scaling sea cliffs in Spain

Two American men have plunged to their deaths while scaling sea cliffs on Spain's holiday island of Mallorca, police said on Wednesday.

Two Americans die scaling sea cliffs in Spain
Two men die scaling sea cliffs in Mallorca. Photo: cocoparisienne / Pixabay

The bodies of the pair – aged 25 and 35 – were found on Monday floating in the water near the Cueva de es Cossi in the east of the Mediterranean island, a spokeswoman for the Guardia Civil police said.

They had been practising deep-water soloing, a form of rock climbing without ropes that relies solely on the presence of water at the base of a climb to protect against injury from falls.

“It appears that there was a rockslide and they fell,” the spokeswoman said.

Emergency services rushed to the scene after being alerted by swimmers in the area who spotted the badly bruised bodies of the two men floating in the water, she added.

Spain’s maritime rescue service recovered their remains, which were taken to the nearby port of Portocolom.

The area has long been popular for deep water soloing, also known as psicobloc.

While the sport is usually practised on sea cliffs at high tide, it can also be done on climbs above reservoirs and rivers.