Swedish police seized record number of weapons in 2018

Swedish police seized a record 1,180 weapons last year as they sought to bring the wave of gang criminality of the last few years under control.

Swedish police seized record number of weapons in 2018
A full 102 of the weapons seized were military weapons. Björn Lindgren/TT
The number of weapons seized was up 368 on 2017 and continued the steady rise in annual seizures since 2010, when only 398 weapons were seized.  
Gunnar Appelgren, Chief Superintendent in Stockholm, told Sweden's state broadcaster SVT that he was not surprised. 
“I would have expected it to rise,” he said. “Partly it's because the number of weapons has risen. The import of weapons from, above all, the former Balkans and their neighbouring countries, has increased.
“Partly, it's because we've been better at finding weapons and being in the right place at the right time.” 
Appelgren said that the controversial 2015 police reform appeared to be starting to pay off, which meant police had become better at “keeping a grip on criminal environments.” 
“We put a lot of emphasis on looking for weapons, both through intelligence and through investigations in pro-active police work,” he said. 
Of the weapons seized, the majority were pistols, and 102 were military weapons. 

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