#MySweden: ‘If you were to come with me, we could bike and enjoy the nature’

#MySweden: 'If you were to come with me, we could bike and enjoy the nature'
Antonio Tortorici. Photo: Private
For 22-year-old Antonio Tortorici, moving to Stockholm opened up an appreciation for the city's nature — including parks like Haga Park — and architecture.
How old are you and what do you normally spend your days doing?
I am 22 years old, I live in Stockholm, close to Tekniska Högskolan and Valhallavägen. I am a student and a part-time employee, so I spend my days between the university and its library and working. I work for Aperitivo Stockholm, a new after-work event concept.
When and why did you move to your city/neighbourhood?
I moved here in September when I started my Masters program. Prior to that, I was living in Rome.
What do you love the most about your city/neighbourhood?
I love the elegant style of the old Swedish buildings. Close to where I live, there is a really good fika place, which is also close to a really old and tall church (Engelbrektskyrkan). I love having fika and walking around the neighbourhood. 
What annoys you the most about your city/neighbourhood?
Valhallavägen is a really traffic-congested street, so that tends to be a little annoying, The neighbourhood is otherwise great. 
How should I spend a day in your city/neighbourhood?
Fika firstfor sureand then head to Stockholm, where there are plenty of attractions like museums, Gröna Lund, etc. If you were to come with me, I would show you Haga Park, which is really close to where I live, and if it is not too cold, we could bike there and enjoy the nature, like the lake, trees and butterflies. In Haga Park there is a butterfly house. 
What's a fun fact not everyone knows about your city/neighbourhood?
Stockholm is even called the Venice of the north due to its amazing buildings, numerous bridges, and water canals. Maybe that’s why I like it so much…because I don’t feel so far away from home!

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