Courts throughout Germany shut down after receiving bomb threats

Several district courts in Germany have been evacuated after bomb threats. According to police, anonymous e-mails were received in Potsdam, Magdeburg, Erfurt, Wiesbaden and Kiel.

Courts throughout Germany shut down after receiving bomb threats
A dog handler leaves the district court on Mainzer Straße in Wiesbaden, Hesse, after the building was evacuated due to a bomb threat. Photo: DPA

The largest operation occurred at the regional court on Jägerallee in Potsdam, where about 200 people were already on the premises in the morning, was then evacuated.

“Today at 7:45 a.m. we received information that a threat has been received, announcing the explosion of a bomb today,” a spokesman for the Western Police Directorate told the Berliner Morgenpost about the situation in Potsdam. “As a result, all possible measures were taken to check and avert danger.”

Policemen with sniffer dogs searched through the rooms. Jägerallee remained open for traffic, and only the area directly in front of the courthouse had been closed. They tweeted that nothing had been found following a comprehensive search. 

Investigators in all evacuated buildings are currently evaluating whether the threat should be taken seriously. Once the buildings have been extensively searched, they will decide whether they can be opened to the public again.

Sniffer dogs also in use in other cities

In Erfurt, around 30 employees from the court building had to evacuate the premises, but are now able to return after they did not find anything, according to Erfurt police. 

This morning, after the evacuation, a search with a sniffer dog was still pending at the Magdeburg Regional Court. It is still unclear just how many people were in the building this morning.

Buildings of the district courts of Kiel, Saarbrücken and Wiesbaden were also cleared. No dangerous objects were found in the capital of Saarland. “Now the operation is running normally again”, a spokeswoman told

Police in Wiesbaden tweeted that sniffer dogs on the premises were unable to find anything suspicious. 

In the past weeks, task forces had already examined bomb threats at other district courts in Schleswig-Holstein. Suspicious objects had not been found in any of the incidents.


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French court hands Amazon €90,000-per-day fine over contracts

French authorities on Wednesday slapped a €90,000-per-day fine on e-commerce giant Amazon until it removes abusive clauses in its contracts with businesses using its platform to sell their goods.

French court hands Amazon €90,000-per-day fine over contracts

The anti-fraud Direction générale de la concurrence, de la consommation et de la répression des fraudes (DGCCRF) service said the online sales giant’s contracts with third-party sellers who use its website contain “unbalanced” clauses.

“The company Amazon Services Europe did not comply completely with an injunction it was served and it is now subject to a fine of €90,000 per day of delay” in applying the changes, the DGCCRF said in a statement.

It also urged the platform to conform with European rules on equity and transparency for firms using online platforms.

Amazon said the order would harm consumers.

“The changes imposed by the DGCCRF will stop us from effectively protecting consumers and permit bad actors to set excessive prices or spam our clients with commercial offers,” the e-commerce giant said in a statement.

“We will comply with the DGCCRF’s decision but we absolutely do not understand it and we are challenging it in court,” responded the e-commerce giant in a statement.

Amazon said the clauses that the DGCCRF has ordered removed had, for example “prevented the appearance of exorbitant prices for mask and hydroalcoholic gel during the pandemic”.

In 2019, Amazon was fined €4 million for “manifestly unbalanced” contract clauses with third-party sellers on its site in a case brought by the DGCCRF.