Restaurant near Vicenza welcomes dogs, if they pay a cover charge

Owners of one Italian restaurant have come up with a new way to manage the large number of customers bringing their dogs to dinner.

Restaurant near Vicenza welcomes dogs, if they pay a cover charge
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Not everyone loves the idea of dogs in restaurants, but in Italy it’s quite common to see people taking their pets along when they go out to eat.

Now a restaurant near Vicenza has announced that not only will it allow dogs from next week, but they won’t be expected to sit quietly under the table. Instead, they’ll be treated like diners.

A two Euro cover charge gets clients’ four-legged friends their own place at the table and a bowl of water, and covers clean-up after the pets’ visit, the restaurant’s owners said.

Photo: Depositphotos

“There's no discrimination here, animals have always been welcome with us,” said David, Fabio and Joe Formaggio (also the mayor), the owners of the restaurant in Albettone. 

”Simply more and more dog owners bring their pet with them. It means taking a few more precautions, which effectively makes the animal a diner to all intents and purposes,” they said. “Hence the choice to charge the same cover.”

But the restaurant knows that not all of their customers will appreciate the dog-friendly policy, and says they’ll use “common sense.”

“Even in the last week we’ve had to discuss with a couple of customers who showed up with large dogs. It’s not conceivable that families should be sat next to a drooling Great Dane,” they told local media.

“To these customers we suggested a comfortable shelter for their animal, and they understood. We believe that common sense can prevail.”