Police give all clear after partial evacuation of Frankfurt Airport

A police deployment in Frankfurt airport led to the partial evacuation of a terminal building and the immediate closure of some gates earlier on Tuesday. Police later gave the all clear.

Police give all clear after partial evacuation of Frankfurt Airport
Photo: DPA

Shortly after 2.30pm federal police announced on twitter that partial evacuation of Terminal 1 was over. They thanked people for their patience and said that operations were once again in progress.

Police had cleared a security check area in Terminal 1 at Frankfurt Airport on Tuesday morning and urged passengers to follow the instructions of officers on the ground. 

“There has been a police deployment in area A of Terminal 1,” the Frankfurt police tweeted shortly after midday. “This has lead to an immediate suspension of boarding, and the clearing of the security area on levels two and three.”

The Bundespolizei confirmed to DPA that at least one person managed to enter the boarding area without going through proper security checks at around 11.15am. By 11.30am all boarding had been stopped in area A of Terminal 1.

They later identified the person in question as a member of a French family of four. The family were being questioned on Tuesday afternoon. 

In late July police cleared two terminals at Munich Airport leading to 330 flight cancellations and at least €1 million in lost revenue for the airport. The evacuation was commenced after a woman passed through the security area without being stopped by personnel there.

European flight law stipulates that police must evacuate and search an area of an airport if they cannot rule out that a risk to flight safety might exist.

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Disposal of four WWII bombs in Göttingen soothes memories of 2010 tragedy

Some 8,000 residents of the city of Göttingen have been able to return home after a bomb disposal unit defused four WWII bombs discovered during building work.

Disposal of four WWII bombs in Göttingen soothes memories of 2010 tragedy
The evacuation zone in Göttingen. Photo: DPA

The last bomb was detonated by the explosive ordnance disposal service at around 1 am on Sunday morning, according to a spokesman for the city.

Göttingen has in the past had tragic experience with a bomb defusal operation. 

In 2010, three employees of the local Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service died when a bomb they were trying to defuse exploded. 

The memory of that disaster was on everyone’s minds this weekend, city spokesman Dominik Kimyon said.

“That incident was of course hovering over everything and shaped the mood. Now everyone is very relieved,” he said.

There are huge numbers of unexploded WWII bombs still lying under the ground in German cities, with evacuations regularly occurring after the ordnance is found during building work.

The four ten-ton WWII bombs were found during building work in Göttingen last week.

An evacuation zone with a radius of 1,000 meters was subsequently set up around the site where the bombs were found. 

More than 8,000 people had to leave their homes on Saturday, January 30th.

A total of around 260 people were provided with accommodation in several evacuation centres.

The rest of the evacuees stayed with relatives and friends. Corona regulations were temporarily suspended.

According to the city, there were no casualties during the planned detonations. However, window panes in two nearby buildings were shattered by the blast wave from the explosion

Residents were not allowed to return immediately, as exploration teams first checked the surrounding area for more explosive devices.

It was only after about two hours that most residents were given the all-clear and the exclusion zone was reopened.

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