Copenhagen Formula 1 plan in doubt over municipal financing

Doubt has emerged over the viability of a plan for a Formula 1 Grand Prix to be held in Copenhagen due to apparent disagreements between the city’s municipality and the government over funding.

Copenhagen Formula 1 plan in doubt over municipal financing
An image from the Bahrain Grand Prix earlier this year. Photo: HOCH ZWEI/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images/Ritzau Scanpix

A statement was made by Finance Minister Kristian Jensen on Thursday following a meeting between Jensen and Copenhagen’s lord mayor Frank Jensen, newspaper Politiken reports.

“The government is prepared to put some money into the hosting of Formula 1 in Denmark. But we don't think it’s reasonable that the city where such a large event is to take place does not also contribute economically,” Kristian Jensen said.

The minister added that other Danish cities, including Odense, Herning and Horsens, have generally made significant financial contributions to their candidacies as hosts for sporting events such as the Giro d'Italia and Tour de France.

“We ask all cities to be a part [of funding] when a major sporting event is in town. So it is also fair for Copenhagen Municipality to do this,” the minister said to Politiken.

The Ministry of Finance is to officially inform the municipality that “if we are to continue on this path, we in the government expect Copenhagen Municipality to be prepared to contribute financially to the hosting of Formula 1 in Denmark,” according to the report.

The lord mayor has a one-vote majority on the city council to continue talks with the government and private investor Lars Seier Christensen and former minister Helge Sander, who are behind the plan to bring a Grand Prix to the Danish capital.

Opposition parties the Red-Green Alliance, Alternative, the Socialist People’s Party and the Social Liberals have all said they are opposed to a Formula 1 event in Copenhagen.

Several Social Democrat councillors have also expressed their scepticism over the plan, which would need municipal approval for the use of the city's roads, Ritzau reports.



Copenhagen police to limit cars on busy nightlife streets

Copenhagen will limit cars on narrow streets in areas thronging with bars and clubs from June 1st to crack down on nighttime public disturbances, police said on Tuesday.

Copenhagen police to limit cars on busy nightlife streets

The affected streets are all located in lively parts of the capital designated as “nightlife zones”, which police monitor closely, and violations from midnight to 5am will be subject to a 3,000 kroner fine.

“Drivers parade in their cars in the nightlife zones, they accelerate loudly, play loud music, scream at passers-by and generally create insecurity and traffic situations that are downright dangerous,” Copenhagen police chief Tommy Laursen said.

“By banning car traffic, our aim is to prevent all of that,” he added.

The zones are located near Copenhagen’s City Hall, a popular pedestrian area and Kødbyen, the old slaughterhouse neighbourhood in the popular Vesterbro district.

The crackdown does not affect residents, taxis or essential transport such as trash collection, ambulances and delivery vehicles.