Zurich cops become midwives in dramatic mid-road birth

Two policewomen in the city of Zurich had an unforgettable start to the week when they were summoned to deliver a baby in a car in district six.

Zurich cops become midwives in dramatic mid-road birth
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The auxiliary officers were responding to a call-out early on Monday morning and had stopped at a traffic light at a road junction when they noticed the car stationary in the middle of the two lanes.

The driver jumped out and shouted to them that his wife had gone into labour.

The officers ran to help and were just in the nick of time: the baby’s head was already visible.

The next minute the baby “slipped out” completely, according to a police news release.

Luckily one of the policewomen was able to catch the baby girl who soon began to exercise her lungs.

The second officer wrapped the baby in her pullover and got into the car next to the mother while her colleague tried to calm down the woman’s husband.

Help arrived soon afterwards and the baby and her parents were soon transported to hospital, where the little girl was said to be doing well.

One of the two officers, 55-year-old Sandra Häusermann, told the Blick newspaper it was the nicest thing she had experienced in 33 years in the force.

“I can’t find words for my feelings,” she was quoted as saying.



Six injured as car rams into crowd in Switzerland

Five children and a woman were injured on Sunday when a car accidentally rammed into people gathered for a target shooting festival in Switzerland, police said.

Six injured as car rams into crowd in Switzerland

A woman frantically looking for help for an injured child drove into the square in Menieres, in the western Swiss canton of Fribourg, on Sunday where a shooting festival was taking place.

The car slammed into a group of people, injuring a woman and five children, Fribourg police said.

Several ambulances transported the injured to surrounding hospitals after the accident, which happened shortly before 3:30pm.

“Initial information indicates that the driver entered the festival square transporting a child who had been injured during a private activity,” the police said.

“For a reason to be determined by an investigation, she accidentally hit and injured people on the square before coming to a halt.”

The driver, who was not injured, was taken to a police station for questioning.