The end of passwords? Swedes embrace biometric login

More and more Swedes are using a body part to log into their technical gadgets and the trend of using fingerprints or facial recognition is expected to increase.

The end of passwords? Swedes embrace biometric login
Traditional passwords and numeric codes are falling out of favour amongst Swedes. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/ TT/SCANPIX
The technology magazine PC för alla’s annual password study found that nearly every second Swede uses their body to log on to their smartphones, tablets or computers. Of the magazine’s 5,000 respondents, almost half said they use some kind of biometric login such as their fingerprint or face.
Although that number could be higher among the magazine's tech-crazy readers than it is for the nation as a whole, PC för alla said biometric login is a trend that will continue to increase as more phone and computer manufacturers introduce new options. The latest iPhone release, for example, made great fanfare out of its new Face ID, a facial recognition program to unlock users’ phones. 
The magazine’s survey found that the most popular login method for Swedes is to use their fingerprint. Roughly 20 percent still favoured a traditional password or numeric code login while other biometric methods like facial recognition or eye scans were not as common. 
The technology magazine’s editor, Anders Wollner, said that while the biometric login methods pose their own security flaws, most Swedes aren’t concerned about it. 
“Most users seem to just want to make it as easy as possible and most don’t worry about that at all,” he said.