‘Never been better’: The Bridge season four reviews are in

It was a dark New Year's Day in Sweden and Denmark as the fourth and final season of Nordic Noir The Bridge finally hit screens. With international audiences forced to wait before they get to see it, The Local rounds up some of the reviews of the swansong's premier.

'Never been better': The Bridge season four reviews are in
The Bridge stars Thure Lindhardt (Henrik Sabroe) and Sofia Helin (Saga Noren). Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

Spoiler warning: While we've made an effort to avoid spoilers as far as possible, some minor plot details will inevitably be revealed in the course of our round-up of the reviews. You've been warned!

'Deeper than ever before'

The most positive review comes from Swedish tabloid Expressen, who gave it four out of five wasps (the symbol it uses instead of stars in reviews).

Reviewer Mattias Bergqvist praised the extra depth given to the characters this time around, which “coupled with director Henrik Georgsson's eye for detail and smart visual solutions, mean The Bridge has been given a fresh start yet again. It's impressive”.

He also highlighted Sofia Helin's performance as Saga Noren in particular, noting that she has “never been better” and it is “impossible not to be affected” by her display.

'We won't be disappointed'

Fellow tabloid Aftonbladet was also positive, giving the season debut four out of five plus signs, and like Expressen, reviewer Karolina Fjellborg hailed Helin's showing as one of her best.

Fjellborg did point out however that the murder plot feels somewhat less important than the personal stories of the main characters this time, in particular when it comes to finding out what happened to Henrik Sabroe's children.

“We have to hope the writers will give us the answer: the murder plot, exciting as it is, actually feels subordinate this time to the mystery around Henrik's family.”

But the reviewer predicted that we won't feel short-changed:

“The feeling is that of total control, convincing us we won't be disappointed regardless of the path The Bridge chooses to take for its swansong.”

'Nothing new in the Öresund region'

Perhaps surprisingly the harshest review came from the website of the show's co-producers SVT, who gave it three out of five. Their TV critic Kim Veerabuthroo Nordberg argued that there's little new in the season four premiere.

“Another underground political group, another politically incorrect Danish cop, another millionaire who isn't telling the whole truth.”

But its failings can ultimately still be forgiven:

“The Bridge has a self-confidence and solid drama built on never-ending cliff-hangers. It's hard to stop watching.”

'Overall it feels very The Bridge-y'

Website also highlighted the familiarity of the new series, but reviewer Sara Ödmark saw it in a more positive light. In particular she noted the consistency in how Saga's character is portrayed.

“Henrik could easily compete for the title of boyfriend of the year. He has the patience of an angel with Saga's almost painful insensitivity. The social development she made previously now seems to be forgotten – that could be seen as a failing by the writers in character development, but it's really more a consequence of her poor mental health.”

Ödmark also made references to the particularly brutal opening scene (one so graphic that the Danish broadcaster opted to edit it from the original version shown in Sweden due to the earlier air time in Denmark).

“The usual amount of internationally notorious darkness is in place: among other things we get to see a scene that must set the Swedish TV record in terms of its profound brutality.”

“I don't think anyone will be disappointed,” Ödmark concluded, with the caveat that “my biggest problem with the series is I am more interested in Saga's private life, Henrik's private life, and above all, Saga and Henrik's private life” than the murder plot.


The Bridge’s Porsche 911 to be auctioned for charity

The Porsche 911S driven by lead character Saga Norén in hit Danish-Swedish series The Bridge will be sold at auction, with profits going to charity.

The Bridge's Porsche 911 to be auctioned for charity
Saga Norén, played by Sofia Helin, with the 1977 Porsche 911S from The Bridge. Photo: Carolina Romare/Bonhams

With the series having concluded earlier this year, the iconic 1970s sports car is now set to be given a new home, Danish broadcaster DR reports.

The olive green car will be sold at the Bonhams Festival of Speed Sale in Goodwood in the United Kingdom on July 13th, with money raised to be donated to WaterAid, a Swedish NGO which aims for the entire world to have access to clean water by 2030.

Production companies Filmlance International and Nimbus Film, who collaborated with DR and its Swedish counterpart SVT on the series, agreed to give up funds raised from the sale to the cause.

Actor Sofia Helin, who played Saga in the all four seasons of the series, which began in 2011, is an ambassador for the charity.

Helin will be present at the auction of the Porsche in the UK next month.

“Saga’s Porsche is a big part of my life as an actor and is also a part of television history. I’m happy that this iconic car can also be beneficial after The Bridge,” Helin told DR.

Saga Norén's car on the Öresund Bridge. Photo: Jens Juncker/Bonhams

“(The production companies) have been very generous to agree to everything. They’re the ones that own the car, so in theory they could have sold it themselves and kept the money,” she said to Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

The Nordic Noir series was hugely successful in both Scandinavia and the UK and several other countries have created their own series about police work across borders.

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