Watch: Swedish ex-PM Carl Bildt photobombs an interview and it’s a bit weird

From Prime Minister and Foreign Minister to photo bomber? Carl Bildt, one of Sweden's most high-profile politicians, has gone viral in a rather unusual way.

Watch: Swedish ex-PM Carl Bildt photobombs an interview and it's a bit weird
Screenshot of TV4's video.

Benjamin Dousa, leader of Sweden's conservative Moderate Party's youth wing, kept a serious face while being interviewed by broadcaster TV4 at the party's annual conference.

Little did he know that the former leader of his own party was about to hog the limelight.

Unbeknownst to Dousa, Bildt bobbed past, staring into the camera with his coffee mug in hand – sparking a viral clip which has been viewed thousands of times since Saturday. 

Prime Minister 1991-94, Foreign Minister 2006-14, EU mediator in the Bosnian war, regular commentator on foreign affairs, criticized board member of Lundin Oil, snarky Twitter user and someone who gets caught in revolving doors with journalists (not a figure of speech) – Bildt is one of politics' most ubiquitous figures.

He is known for often using humour to get out of sticky situations or tough interviews.

But his latest stunt is not the only political photobomb going viral recently, showing that Swedish politicians are either refreshingly down-to-earth or staggeringly silly, depending on your own point of view.

Carl Bildt, probably on Twitter. Photo: Maja Suslin/TT

The co-leader of the Green Party and Education Minister, Gustav Fridolin, crashed an interview with Liberal leader Jan Björklund after a party leader debate last week, suddenly butting in to vigorously nod in agreement after Björklund said he wished they had got the chance to debate education.

A Centre Party politician, Frans Sporsén, then created a Facebook frame of Fridolin's head popping up. If it was meant to mock Fridolin, it did not bite. He was one of the first to add it to his own profile picture.

We will leave you with this mash-up of the two photobombs: