In pictures: Northern Lights dance across Swedish sky

Sweden was treated to a spectacular display of Northern Lights last night, with many photographers posting snaps of the dazzling lights on social media.

In pictures: Northern Lights dance across Swedish sky
The Northern Lights at Tavelsjö, Umeå, on September 28th. Photo: Monica Ingerlund Hjelt

The night sky in large parts of Sweden, as far south as Visby on Gotland island, lit up in glowing technicolour shades earlier this week, thanks to the power of a strong geomagnetic storm.

It prompted both amateur and professional photographers to head outside to capture the celestial magic caused by the natural phenomenon also known as Aurora Borealis.

One of them was Monica Ingerlund Hjelt who took the above picture at Tavelsjö near Umeå on Thursday.

We asked the Northern Lights photographer for her best advice for those who want to try to snap their own pictures. Here are her tips:

1. Keep an eye on the weather report for Aurora predictions. There are many apps and websites that can be very useful (The Local recommends Facebook group Norrsken Sverige, SpaceWeather or Lights Over Lapland).

2. Find a dark place, preferably away from any city lights. Look up to the north, using a compass if needed.

3. I use a DSLR camera with a light sensitive lens and a tripod for best result, but on a good day you can photograph it with your mobile phone. Try different exposure techniques – this will take some practice. Play with different compositions but most importantly, have fun out there!

Check out more of her photography here, and some of our favourite snaps on social media below:


Norrsken 28/9 #umeå #sweden

Ett inlägg delat av Monica Ingerlund Hjelt (@monicahjelt) Sep 28, 2017 kl. 11:42 PDT




A bit of northern lights above Visby the other night. #norrsken #northernlights #aurora #auroraborealis #visby #gotland

Ett inlägg delat av Mike Fergusson (@fergussonmike) Sep 29, 2017 kl. 12:49 PDT



Ibland är det värt att bära med sig kamerautrustningen på vandringen – Sylarna, Jämtland, Sweden

Ett inlägg delat av Sofia Ekeroot (@sofiaekeroot) Sep 29, 2017 kl. 2:08 PDT