‘It’s 100 percent easier to have kids in Stockholm’

How do you balance a challenging career in the tech industry with having a family? The answer, it seems, is by moving to Stockholm.

‘It’s 100 percent easier to have kids in Stockholm’
Erwan and his son enjoying Swedish summertime

It’s not just the generous parental leave system that makes Stockholm a wonderful place to raise a family.

Even the city’s infrastructure is designed to support family life. 

“It sounds like a cliche, but the city itself is amazing,” says Erwan Derlyn, a Stockholm-based digital marketing consultant originally from France. 

“To be able to just go to a lake and swim when it’s warm, or see the animals in the forest, with everything reachable by subway or train, it’s the dream.” 

And with your company’s full support when it’s time to take parental leave, both parents can enjoy that special time without worrying about how it will impact their careers.

Find out what makes Stockholm the dream place to have a family.

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