Viral Facebook post helps distraught mum find lost photos of dead baby

A young mother's desperate plea to find a lost phone possessing pictures of her dead baby son moved thousands on social media. Now it seems that cry for help worked.

Viral Facebook post helps distraught mum find lost photos of dead baby
Photo: Facebook.

Carina Hellriegel, 24, took to Facebook this week to post her cry for help after her husband left his phone on a train in Koblenz on Tuesday morning, Express reports.

But it wasn’t the phone itself that had the mother of two feeling distressed – the device contained some of the only images and videos the couple had of their now deceased son, who died at eight weeks old.

The infant had suffered from a condition called tachycardia in which the heart rate exceeds the normal resting rate. Due to his extensive time in hospital, Hellriegel said she and her husband only truly had six and a half weeks with him alone.

“You all can certainly imagine how valuable the images are,” wrote the woman from Bacharach in Rhineland-Palatinate.

“There are no copies of the pictures… I do not absolutely need the phone back, but have a heart and send me the videos and pictures.”

The story captured the attention of thousands across social media, being shared around 250,000 times.

But later on Tuesday, Hellriegel updated her original post with good news: The phone had been found by someone who had read about it in the press. Federal police were able to secure it and Hellriegel said she would be able to retrieve it herself on Wednesday.

“We are totally happy! Many, many thanks,” she wrote.

“It's madness what Facebook and the media put into motion today.”