Child murder suspect arrested, as one more body found

Police on Thursday confirmed they had arrested the young man who is believed to be responsible for the murder of a nine-year-old boy on Monday. The suspect led investigators to a further dead body in an apartment.

Child murder suspect arrested, as one more body found
A memorial set up for the victim. Photo: DPA.

Police confirmed late on Thursday that the person they arrested in Herne, North Rhine-Westphalia is the main suspect, 19-year-old Marcel H.

Authorities also confirmed that they had found a dead body in an apartment, correcting an earlier press release which stated that two bodies had been found.

On Monday the nine-year-old boy, Jaden, was found dead with stabbing wounds in Marcel H.'s basement in Herne, but the 19-year-old had apparently fled. According to the lawyer for Jaden's family, their neighbour Marcel H. had lured the boy over under the pretext of helping him hold a ladder.

Photos of Marcel H. surfaced online, depicting him with bloody hands next to a body.

The boy's apparent murder prompted a nationwide search, involving helicopters and sniffer dogs. Police received more than 1,400 tips during the course of the search. 

Police said on Thursday that a man went to a snack stand and said: “I am the one they're looking for, please call the police”.

The man also told police about an apartment fire in the town. When officers arrived at the location, they found a further dead body. Police are still interrogating the man.

“[The victim's] family is infinitely relieved and happy that the suspected murderer of little Jaden could be caught alive, and can be given his just punishment,” the family's lawyer told Bild.


German woman ‘killed lookalike to fake her own death’

A German-Iraqi woman murdered a lookalike she found on social media to fake her own death, police have said as new details emerge of the bizarre case that first came to light last year.

German woman 'killed lookalike to fake her own death'

The body of a 23-year-old woman was found in a car in August at the Bavarian town of Ingolstadt with multiple stab wounds.

Police initially said they believed the victim owned the car, but the next day identified her as someone else who looked “remarkably similar”.

The 23-year-old German-Iraqi and a 23-year-old Kosovan man were arrested on suspicion of manslaughter.

However, police are now working on the theory the pair murdered the victim after tracking her down online because she looked similar to the German-Iraqi.

“Investigators now believe the female suspect wanted to go into hiding and fake her death due to family problems,” they said in a statement Monday.

She had contacted several women who looked like her via social media and attempted to lure them into meeting her by making “false promises”, the police said.

She contacted the victim in early August and arranged to meet her on August 16.

The German-Iraqi woman and the Kosovan man travelled to the victim’s home in Heilbronn, near Stuttgart, to pick her up.

On the way back to Ingolstadt, they allegedly lured her out of the vehicle in a wooded area and killed her, inflicting “a large number” of knife wounds.

The suspects then continued on to Ingolstadt, where the body was found lying in the car in the evening.

According to the daily Süddeustche Zeitung, the German-Iraqi was a beautician who entrapped the victim via Instagram by offering her cosmetics.

Both women had “long brown hair, a dark complexion and a heavily made-up face”, the newspaper said.