International Women’s Day flash mobs planned in Swedish cities

International Women’s Day 2017 is to be marked by a series of flash mobs in public places across Sweden.

International Women's Day flash mobs planned in Swedish cities
Flash mobs featuring singing and the pink hats worn during the Women's March are planned in Sweden. Photo: Jose Luis Magana/AP/TT

Participants will don pink caps and sing at Gothenburg’s Götaplatsen, Stockholm's Central Station and other Swedish spots on Wednesday afternoon. The song of choice is “I can’t keep quiet” by LA singer Milck, which became an anthem when a video of it being performed by pink hat wearing crowds at Washington DC’s Women’s March in January went viral.

That in turn inspired Swede Malin Aghed to organize a flash mob based around the song for International Women’s Day in Gothenburg. Thousands have now signed up to Facebook pages detailing the event in the western Swedish hub, as well as similar flash mobs in Stockholm and elsewhere.

“We must raise our voices to be heard. This is a 70s protest song in a new form,” Aghed told news agency TT.

The organizer hopes the events will engage people and encourage them to speak up about social issues.

“The next time you're sitting at your job and someone says something sexist or racist, or something which is unfair towards someone, then you'll dare to stand up and speak out, because you have many thousands of sisters and brothers behind you,” she said.

The organizers have decided that no placards or speeches will be allowed at the Götaplatsen event, with the idea being that participating in the song will speak for itself. Lyrics have been distributed online and anyone is welcome to take part, they say.