These were Sweden’s most popular baby names in 2016

These were Sweden's most popular baby names in 2016
Oscar winner Alicia Vikander (left) and pop star Frans (right) appear to have influenced Swedish naming habits in 2016. Photo: Rich Fury/AP & Martin Meissner/AP
The first Oscar win by a Swedish actress since 1974 and a Eurovision hit appear to have had an impact on the most popular names given to babies in Sweden during 2016.

Last February Alicia Vikander became the first Swedish actress (or actor) to claim an Academy Award since Ingrid Bergman in 1974. It's likely no coincidence therefore that the name Alicia rose from being the 21st most common name for a newborn girl in Sweden in 2015, to the sixth most common in 2016, with 627 new babies given that name.

That's according to number crunchers Statistics Sweden (SCB), who have just released a ranking of the names given to children born in Sweden during 2016.

Five new names for girls entered the top 100 last year: Cleo, Adele, Penny, Mila and Hedda, while Anna, Mariam, Mirra, Tindra and Hedvig giving way.

For the boys meanwhile, Mio, Milian, Omar, Nicolas, Thor and Frans were new entries in the top 100. Swedish Eurovision darling Frans, who had a massive domestic hit in 2016, likely played a part in his name growing by 59 percent in popularity compared to 2015. 

As for the top spots, Alice was the most common name given to girls, the fifth year in which that has been the case, with 910 new Alices in 2016. The second most common for girls was Lilly, with 690, followed by Maja, with 664.

For the boys, Oscar was top, with 879. That is the only name which has been among the top 10 most common names for new babies in Sweden since the recording of the stats started in 1998. Lucas was the next most popular with 864, followed by William with 850.