Denmark clears the way for cashless society

The Danish government plans to allow shops to decide for themselves if they want to accept cash payments.

Denmark clears the way for cashless society
The government said it will be easier to run a business if the obligation to deal in cash is removed. Photo: Nikolai Linares/Scanpix
“Your money’s no good here.” If you hear that in the Danish shop in the near future, they’re not offering you goods on the house; they mean it literally. 
As part of a growth package presented by the government on Wednesday, some Danish stores will be granted an exception from laws requiring them to accept cash. 
The Danish Chamber of Commerce (Dansk Erhverv) said it was about time that shops be given the option of going cash-free. 
“Society has changed so much that there is no longer a need for requirements on cash payments. Plus, cash has become tremendously expensive to handle due to security reasons,” chamber spokesman Henrik Hytolft told broadcaster DR. 
The government’s proposal will still require supermarkets, doctors, dentists, post offices and pharmacies to accept cash – exceptions criticized by Hytolft. 
“We hope that experience will show that you can also exempt the remaining businesses,” he said, adding that it only “a small minority” of Danes would be negatively affected by the no-cash rule. 
If the government’s proposal is approved, stores could begin rejecting cash on January 1, 2016.

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Danish stores to remove MobilePay from payment options

Over 500 shops in Denmark will no longer offer the popular app MobilePay as a payment option after the platform ordered merchants to purchase new hardware.

Danish stores to remove MobilePay from payment options

The Dagrofa corporation, which owns chains including the Meny and Spar supermarkets, has announced it will remove MobilePay as a payment option in its stores, business media Finans reports.

The decision could impact less than 1 percent of payments in the store which are currently made using MobilePay, the company said.

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“The primary reason is that MobilePay will from now on demand a technical setup for the payment system in stores and with the investment that will neee, we have concluded that’s not the way we want to go,” Dagrofa’s head of communications Morten Vestberg told Finans.

Dagrofa owns the Let-Køb and Min Købmand convenience store chains in addition to Meny and Spar.

The decision will mean MobilePay is removed from some 530 stores altogether, although individual stores may choose to retain the payment app.