UK X Factor star exits Swiss Eurovision race

Kitty Brucknell, the former semifinalist in Britain’s The X Factor, failed to make the cut after an internet vote narrowed the field for contenders to represent Switzerland in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.

UK X Factor star exits Swiss Eurovision race
Ticino band Vad Vuc is among the nominees who made the cut. Photo: RSI

Brucknell, a 30-year-old English singer-songwriter, had hoped that Swiss regulations that allow entries from abroad would give her a chance, but results of the voting announced on Tuesday showed the successful nominees were all Swiss-based.

The London-based singer was one of more than 200 artists, including many from other countries, bidding for nine nominations to be selected for German-speaking Switzerland.

SRF, the German-language broadcaster, unveiled the successful nominees, all of whom were based in Switzerland, even if all of them sang songs in English.

One of the nominees even sounded like he might be from Britain — Andy McSean, who entered a song called “Hey Now” — although he is based in Saint Gallen and his website is in German only.

Other contenders came from the cantons of Zurich, Aargau, Bern, Graubünden, Lucerne and Vaud.

The nominees for German-speaking Switzerland were selected by an Internet vote and an expert jury.

Six additional candidates were selected for French-speaking Switzerland by RTS, the national broadcaster, with five of the songs in English.

RSI, the Italian-language broadcaster, selected three nominees from Ticino, including a group — Vad Vuc — that sings in Italian (the others are English).

Curiously, a publicity photo of the band shows the members posing in what looks like bowler hats.

An expert panel will now judge the 18 nominees to determine who has the best live vocal skills and stage presence on a programme to be aired on December 7th.

The best six performers will then participate in a “decision show” to be aired nationally from the Bodensee Arena in Kreuzlingen, in the eastern canton of Thurgau, on January 31st 2014.

The show ill determine who represents Switzerland in next year’s Eurovision contest, to celebrate its 60th year in Vienna, Austria.

More information about the 18 Swiss nominees is available on the German SRF website and on the Eurovision website.

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Canadian vies for Swiss in Eurovision contest

A Canadian singer was picked at the weekend to represent Switzerland in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest set to take place in Stockholm in May.

Canadian vies for Swiss in Eurovision contest
Photo: SRF

Rykka, a singer-songwriter from Vancouver, won the Swiss televised final on Saturday night, beating five other competitors with her English-language song, The Last of Our KInd.

She won the most votes both from a ten-member expert jury and TV viewers who selected their favourites by telephone.

The competition was broadcast from the small town of Kreuzlingen, in the canton of Thurgau, where contestants presented an array of styles featuring everything from cow bells to a smiley-filled LED backdrop.

Thirty-year-old Rykka, the stage name for Christina Maria Rieder, sang in the centre of a stage filled with dry ice.

Currently a resident of Meilen in the canton of Zurich, she has already produced four albums, one of them under the stage name she now uses.

She will represent Switzerland in the Eurovision semifinal on May 12th.

If she makes the cut, she will advance to the final on May 14th.

Switzerland permits foreigners to represent the country in Eurovision, a contest organized by the European Broadcasting Union with participants from 43 countries.

The last time a Canadian competed for the Swiss was in 1988, when Céline Dion participated and won the competition before going on to become an international superstar.

Check out Rykka's winning entry below: