Swede rejects Amazon bid for .se domain

Amazon's attempts to get a slice of the Swedish market have hit the buffers as the owner of the .se domain name has so far refused to sell it to the US e-commerce giant.

Swede rejects Amazon bid for .se domain and websites side by side. Photo: The Local

The domain name is presently owned by a 57-year-old woman from the Östermalm district in Stockholm, reported Internet World magazine. was snapped up in 1997 by Amazon AB, a small advertising agency based in the capital, and despite several attempts by its bigger namesake across the Atlantic to acquire it, the owner has turned down each and every one of them.

At present the website is a landing page that is deemed to be 'under development.'

The American brand has been making tentative steps into the Nordic market and recently signed a deal with Swedish database company Bokrondellen to sell Swedish books.

Bokrondellen provides the link between publishers and bookstores and the deal is crucial for Amazon to establish itself in Sweden. The bokrondellen database comprises all Swedish publications.

The company's CEO said the deal paved the way for Amazon to get a foothold in Sweden.

"Now Amazon can sell Swedish books on all their sites. If they want to make it in the USA, Germany, England – or if they want to start a Swedish site – it's up to them. Obviously they haven't shared their plans with us," Christer Perslöv of Bokrondellen told Dagens Nyheter recently.

In addition to their American site (.com) Amazon also has websites for Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain and United Kingdom.

Customers based in Sweden who currently want to use Amazon need to have registered via one of its other sites. Amazon employs over 117,000 staff and reported a $74.45 billion revenue for 2013. 

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