U2 singer Bono tells EU to ‘buy Spanish’

Irish rock star Bono delivered a poignant speech at the European People's Party congress in Dublin, in which he spoke of the need for a "Europe-wide campaign to spotlight Spain".

U2 singer Bono tells EU to 'buy Spanish'
Irish singer and frontman of U2, Bono waves as he arrives at the Dublin Convention Centre in Dublin. Photo: Peter Muhly/AFP

U2's frontman was met by a deafening applause after his 20-minute speech on Friday, having addressed issues such as Ireland’s bailout, the troika and Europe’s immigration issue.

His discourse also focused on Spain's financial blues, with the pop star asking EU figureheads like Angela Merkel, José Manuel Durão Barroso and Herman Van Rompuy to think of Spain as a family member in need.

"You've got (Spanish) Prime Minister (Mariano) Rajoy just this week urging the EU to make structural reforms that will create liquidity in the Spanish economy," Bono said.

"Maybe you will. But beyond that, where is the family's response?

 "Where is our Europe-wide campaign to spotlight Spain, to encourage others to take their holidays there, to buy Spanish goods, listen to Spanish music?"

The singer-songwriter, who's also widely recognized for his philanthropic work, rounded off his views on Spain with a joke:

"Perhaps U2 should make a flamenco album?

"Well, maybe not," he added as the crowd laughed.

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U2’s Bono takes shots at Swedish and Danish politics at Copenhagen gig

It’s safe to say that Bono does not like Jimmie Åkesson. For the second time this month, the U2 frontman compared the Sweden Democrats’ leader to a Nazi during a concert.

U2’s Bono takes shots at Swedish and Danish politics at Copenhagen gig
Using a photo filter to perform under the guise of Macphisto, a sort of Irish version of the Faustian devil Mephisto, the rockstar introduced the band’s 1991 song ‘Acrobat’ by mockingly congratulating some of Europe’s best-known populists, starting with those in Denmark. 
“Denmark, I had forgotten about your splendid colonial ways, but I see you’re finding your own form. Forget Borgen [the popular Danish TV show, ed.]. You’re banning burqas and confiscating jewellery from those awful asylum seekers. Bravo!”
After calling Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban a “lovely man”, he performed a Nazi salute as he barked out “Jimmie Åkesson, next door in Sweden“, a move he first debuted at a Paris concert on September 9th. He then insulted France’s Marine Le Pen as “Daddy’s litte girl”, and a “little girl with big ideas”. 
Macphisto was one of three characters Bono conceived for the band's Zoo TV tour back in 1992, and then used to make satirical statements and prank shows to local politicians, employing an exaggerated upper-class English accent. 
Saturday’s concert at Copenhagen’s Royal Arena was sold out, as is Sunday night’s show in the same venue.