Swedish ‘sex pastor’ faces new probe

A Swedish pastor on probation for having sex with a teen girl in his congregation has come in for new scrutiny following additional reports of sexual relations with young girls and alleged plans to publish his escapades in a book.

In the meantime, however, the Church of Sweden pastor from suburban Stockholm has been allowed to continue his work despite the accusations that he sexually abused several girls of his congregation, as well as sent them sexually explicit emails and images.

”We will review the case again and see what might come of it,” said Church of Sweden spokesperson Pär Sandmark to daily Aftonbladet.

The first report about the man came in to the Stockholm diocese in January 2009.

”Sometimes I’ve been awakened by it. Sometimes he held my mouth or shushed me. He also served me crazy amounts of alcohol,” the 16-year-old girl wrote in her report at the time.

Among other evidence, the girl had sexually explicit images, a short film from the pastor where he is hear saying his ”dick is sore”, as well as several sexually suggestive pieces of text penned by the pastor.

However, the cathedral chapter decided at the time to disregard the extra material and that the man would be permitted to continue his work with the church during a probationary period of three years, during which he would regularly attend therapy.

However, in December 2011, the diocese received a new report about the pastor, asking the cathedral chapter to review once again its decision about the man’s suitability to serve as a pastor to lead young people in light of him having established sexual relations with several young women among his flock.

The December 2011 report claims that the man had spread written accounts of his youth group exploits among his acquaintances in which he referred to one of the girls as a ”sex doll” (‘knulldocka’) and elaborating on his sexual activities in a biographical manuscript he allegedly wanted to publish.

The report was also critical of the fact that the chapter had made the decision to disregard the man’s sex writings in the previous investigation.

After receiving the second report, the chapter decided to open the case again, this time to investigate whether the ”boundless behaviour” the man has exhibited in his manuscript is ”suitable” for a man of the cloth.

One 16-year-old victim told Aftonbladet that she thought it was good if the chapter would finally consider the texts that the man had sent round.

”They could have done that three years ago,” she said to the paper.

Despite the reports, the man has stayed adamant that he isn’t guilty of sexual abuse since the first allegations against him.

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