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MBA from Dutch school opens doors across globe

MBA from Dutch school opens doors across globe
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An innovative Dutch business school is turning heads and attracting students to its unique offering of a European, American or British MBA degree taught in English.

TiasNimbas is the business school of the Netherlands' Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), offering courses in three different locations in the Netherlands: Tilburg, Eindhoven and Utrecht.

The school combines its parent institutions' strengths in economics, research and technology to equip graduates with a challenging but relevant management education for the modern and ever-changing business world.

Although the school is based in the Netherlands, students can study TiasNimbas courses and earn a degree from the institution from a number of locations around the world. It also offers a broad and flexible portfolio of internationally recognised management programmes that lead to a European, American or British MBA degree.

MBA and MSc degrees are offered on a full- or part-time basis, with the MBA taking one year of full-time study or two years on a part-time basis at Tilburg and Utrecht. The programmes are designed to accommodate various schedules and commitments.

TiasNimbas continues to climb in international rankings. It rose 25 places to 24th out of 75 in the Financial Times' annual ranking of European business schools, while The Economist Intelligence Unit ranked it 36th out of 100 schools.

It has also partnered with several highly regarded schools from around the world for its globally recognised international executive MBA programme, offered in conjunction with Purdue University of the US, Hungary's Central European University Budapest and GISMA Business School in Hanover, Germany.

TiasNimbas's motto is "Never stop asking." This is reflected in its programmes rooted in leading management research and designed to address the educational needs of individuals and organisations in the business world.

The school provides its experienced and reputable faculty members and international student body who come from diverse disciplines, resulting in a stimulating learning environment. In 2003, the European Economic Review ranked Tilburg University's faculty of economics as the best research institution in Europe.

TU/e is only the second institution of its kind in the Netherlands. Each year, it produces nearly 3,000 scientific publications, awards 140 PhDs and is granted 40 patents. It is also located in an area where top Dutch technology companies such as Philips, ASML and DAF Trucks conduct their research and development.

In a 2003 European Commission report, TU/e ranked third among European research universities after Cambridge and Oxford and was jointly the highest-ranked technical university in Europe thanks to the impact of its scientific research. In The Times Higher Education World University Rankings, it came in 114th last year.

Students learn in part through working with peers preparing, presenting and evaluating projects together. Each year, TiasNimbas attracts over 2,500 high-flying students from over 60 countries looking for new intellectual challenges and a more comprehensive understanding of global business management.

TiasNimbas is strongly ranked for value for money in light of the global recession and the increasing percentage of self-funded students, as well as international mobility. The school has also greatly facilitated the online application and enrollment process and staff are readily available to answer any questions along the way, both online, by telephone and in person.

The school conducts continuous and intensive knowledge exchanges with researchers at Tilburg University and the Eindhoven University of Technology. The schools' professors belong to the teaching faculty of TiasNimbas, as well as an extended network of international experts.

During their time at TiasNimbas, students hone their cross-cultural skills while building a worldwide network of contacts that will continue to be of benefit long after they have completed their degrees.

TiasNimbas' alumni network is a major benefit to studying at the school. Graduates leave TiasNimbas for challenging positions around the world at some of the world's most recognisable recognisable enterprises, including Fortune 500 companies, as well as starting their own ventures.

Alumni are eager to share their expertise and experiences with the school and students and are actively involved in reunions, special events, seminars, short courses and electives to keep their management skills current.

TiasNimbas organises events throughout the year to introduce and answer questions about its programmes on campus, at worldwide MBA fairs and online. Please consult the school's website for more information.