40% of Swedes report improved finances: poll

Four out of ten Swedes believe that their wallets have fattened over the last four years, a TV4/Novus poll reveals.

Stockholmers believe their finances have improved the most, while many Norrbotten residents think theirs has worsened, according to the survey.

According to the poll, which was commissioned by TV4 and undertaken by Novus, 44 percent of Swedes reported that their financial situation has improved over the last four years, while 27 percent said that the economy has worsened under the centre-right government.

The improved financial circumstances have also led many to believe that life has become easier. Forty-three percent responded that they believe that their quality of life has improved. However, one-fifth reported that their quality of life has declined, while a third think that it is unchanged.

There are large regional differences according to the survey. Those who have benefited the most from government policies live in Stockholm. Nearly half the capital’s inhabitants reported an improvement in their finances in recent years, the highest rate in the country. In contrast, in Luleå, 40 percent reported that their finances worsened.

“Everything is possible, both when one has a job or does not have a job and when one is sick,” Luleå’s Jessica Rognäs told TV4. “I think it has gotten a lot worse.”

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