Thousands of goths brighten up Leipzig at festival

Around 20,000 goths and dark wave adherents are in Leipzig this weekend, at the 19th Wave-Goth festival – the biggest in the world.

Thousands of goths brighten up Leipzig at festival
Photo: DPA

Visitors decked out in traditional black, but also increasingly elaborate and historical costumes, have come to Leipzig from around the globe, including the US, South America, South Africa, Japan and Israel.

Click here for a photo gallery of the Goths in Leipzig.

Nearly 200 international artists are also booked to play during the weekend, at suitable venues such as the crypt of the enormous monument to the battle of nations and the Leipzig Opera House.

There is an array of events from classical music performances and medieval fairs to dark electronic and rock band shows, and even a Victorian picnic.

Gothic fashion has expanded to include those Victorian-era and Japanese-inspired Visual Kei and Harajuku styles, which are often brightly coloured and comic-inspired creations.

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