Police hunt for double murder suspect

Police in southern Sweden have put out a warrant for the arrest of a 35-year old man for the murder of two men found in the trunk of a burning car near Halmstad on Sweden's west coast earlier this month.

Police hunt for double murder suspect
Police seal off a building just south of Dalby

The man, who is still at large, is believed to be one of several suspects involved in the murders, which new evidence suggests took place near Lund in southern Sweden. An investigation is currently underway at a house in the Dalby-Genarp locality outside Lund, where police investigators believe the murderers recently attempted to cover their tracks. The police have issued an appeal for information from anyone who may have noticed digging in the area on January 14th, 2010.

“About two metres of earth was removed from a three metres squared area,” Bo Lundqvist, Skåne county criminal investigation commissioner, told TT.

The police and public prosecutor have confirmed that the murders have an international connection. Previous media reports have indicated that the murders were linked to drug smuggling cartels in Norway and Russia.

The bodies were found after emergency crews received a call about a red Volvo S60 on fire on a bridge over the E6 motorway on January 6th, 2010.

Police investigations have revealed that both victims were subjected to extreme violence before being stowed away in car which was subsequently set alight. So far only one of the victims, a 25-year-old man from Värmland in western Sweden, has been identified. The other victim, has not yet been identified but is believed to be a 40-year old relative of the man.

According to Police in Mälmo in southern Sweden, the suspect and the victims knew each other.

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Illegal Swedish strawberry sales raise billions of kronor for organised crime

Swedish police have carried out raids on strawberry vendors suspected of being linked to gang crime.

Illegal Swedish strawberry sales raise billions of kronor for organised crime

According to Aftonbladet, the raids may be connected to one of Sweden’s most wanted gang leaders, Ismail Abdo, nicknamed Jordgubben (“The Strawberry”).

Police didn’t comment on specific names of gang leaders linked to the raids, but said in a statement that they had “hit a central violent actor by targeting individuals around this person and their business structures”.

Raids were carried out in Bergslagen, as well as the Mitt and Stockholm police regions.

It’s suspected that these sellers had been marketing Belgian strawberries as Swedish and using the revenue to fund serious organised crime. Police also found children under the legal working age and migrants without legal residency permits working at the stalls.

Police believe that illegal strawberry sales turn over billions of kronor every year.

“We’ve carried out multiple actions together with other authorities,” Per Lundbäck, from the Bergslagen policing region, told Swedish news agency TT. “By cutting off the finances off this type of organised crime, we can weaken gangs’ financing and their ability to carry out crimes.”

To avoid buying strawberries linked to crime, Lundbäck recommends paying attention to the company you buy your strawberries from.

“The first thing you can do is look at the number the (mobile phone payment app) Swish payment goes to, to make sure it’s a company number starting with 123, and not a private number,” he said.

Most companies will have their Swish number displayed somewhere on the stand, so you should be able to check this even if you don’t have the app and are paying with card, for example.

He also added that you can pay attention to the age of the person selling the strawberries, describing very young sellers as a “red flag”.