More Swedes suspected of terrorism abroad

More and more Swedes are being detained abroad on suspicions of involvement in terrorism, Sweden’s foreign ministry reports.

Currently, nine Swedish citizens suspected or convicted of terrorism are being held in other countries.

“In recent years, we’ve seen an increase in a variety of such crimes. It most often involves a deprivation of liberty but can also involve information about people who’ve been killed in an area where terrorism is being fought or information about the finding of a Swedish passport in such an area,” said Ministry of Foreign Affairs consular section deputy director Helmer Broberg to Sveriges Radio (SR).

Broberg believes the increase is a reflection of the fact that more resources are being devoted globally to fight terrorism.

He added that terrorism cases are harder to work with compared to other cases because secrecy can make it hard for the foreign ministry to get information.

Of the nine Swedes being held, three have been convicted of terror-related crimes.

The remaining six are still awaiting trial.