German insurer warns against growing vampire teeth trend

German health insurance providers are concerned with health problems caused by the growing popularity of vampire teeth among their customers.

German insurer warns against growing vampire teeth trend
Seriously? Are you for real? Photo: DPA

“Cosmetic tooth lengthening threatens to cause unnatural changes to the bite, jaw problems, bone deterioration, and tooth loss,” Uwe Starck from German insurer KKH warned on Monday in Münster.

The longer incisor look may be popular in the Goth scene, but when people choose to have their teeth sharpened or lengthened to resemble fictional bloodsuckers, they are also endangering their tooth enamel and increasing the risk of cavities and bacterial problems, Starck said.

Public insurance companies are not required to take on the costs of these problems, Starck added, which means people considering the Dracula look should beware.

“The people who perform these procedures are definitely not dentists,” Uljana Klein of KKH said. “Instead it’s a new offer at a tattoo shop, for example.”