Brits eye German police safer bra initiative

Brits eye German police safer bra initiative
Safe example Photo:DPA
British policewomen are calling for the same kind of safety bras as their German counterparts, according to reports in London-based newspapers.

German policewomen have been issued with sports bra-style underwear, complete with the word police emblazoned around the elastic band.

These are said to be safer than “street” bras which often have metal or hardened plastic under-wiring and present a potentially fatal added danger in shooting situations.

When a female officer wearing a bullet-proof vest is shot, the vest stops the bullet from hitting her, but the force of the impact has been shown to push the plastic or metal under-wiring of a bra into her body, causing injury.

Front-line German female officers have recently been issued with the wireless bras, an initiative which British forces want to copy.

Julie Nesbit, chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales’ Central Constables’ Committee, told The Daily Telegraph: “If it is something that is going to give women better protection, then we should see if that is something we can get hold of.”