Leipzig University to reinstall Marx monument

The University of Leipzig in the eastern German state of Saxony has decided to reinstall a controversial monument to socialist philosopher Karl Marx after months of rancorous debate.

Leipzig University to reinstall Marx monument
Photo: DPA

Franz Häuser, the university’s dean, said on Wednesday that work on the 33-tonne monument to the father of communism would start later this week and would be finished in late September. He said university, which was called Marx University from 1953 to 1991, wanted to present the work in the proper historical context by adding a plaque about the man and his impact.

“The Marx relief is a testimony to historic events that should people should actively address,” Häuser said.

The monument was part of the main university building on what was once a square also named after Marx. The buidling was torn down in 2006 as part refurbishing the university campus. The artwork will now be installed outside of the city centre at other university facilities.