New measures to stamp out hooliganism

New measures to stamp out hooliganism
The Swedish Football Association has proposed creating a registry of everyone who purchases football tickets in order to help prevent known hooligans from being allowed into Sweden’s arenas.

Last spring a government commission suggested introducing stronger rules in order to minimize violence at sporting events.

But the Football Association wants to go a step further.

By registering everyone who purchases a ticket, event organizers can more easily identify people who have been barred from entering, the association writes in its consultation response, according to the Riksdag & Departement newspaper.

“It is the international system currently used at most large events,” said association chair Lars-Åke Lagrell to the TT news agency.

But with rules in place today in Sweden governing personal data registries, such a system is impossible.

“For several years we have had a law which is much weaker than in countries which have corrected existing problems with supporters,” said Lagrell.

The association also wants create a requirement for known hooligans to report to police several housr before the start of a match.

Justice minister Beatrice Ask has previously come out against the proposal.

“We have a hard time understanding the objections because in other countries have succeeded in applying the rules we are suggesting,” said Lagrell.