Convicted terrorists released from custody

Two Iraqi Kurds who were in safe custody after doing time for terrorist crimes have been released. The men may await the government's decision regarding their possible deportation in freedom.

Both men, 27 and 31 years old respectively, are to be kept under supervision and must report to the police five times a week. Speaking to TT, Helen Wahlström, an expert at the Justice Department said that the idea is to supervise them for six months and thereafter try a new method.

The men were sentenced by the Court of Appeal in 2005 for terrorist activity. They were arrested after collecting money in Sweden which they sent to the Islamic terror organization Ansar al-Islam in northern Iraq.

One of the men was sentenced to four and a half years in prison, and the other man to five years.

The men were also due to be deported after sitting out their time. However, once the men were released on parole almost a year ago, they applied for permission to remain in Sweden.

Minister of Justice Beatrice Ask decided that the men should be taken into safe custody according to the Swedish Aliens’ Act. In practice this meant that the men continued to stay in an institution, until their recent release.

Wahlström couldn’t confirm when the question regarding their deportation would be settled.