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Stockholm club and concert guide: May 1 – 8

Weekend club and concert tips from Kalendarium (Click links for more information)

Kuduro chaos

Buraka Som Sistema makes Angola’s hardest dance music. Kuduro is like a razor sharp fist made out of drums and shouted Portuguese. This is going to be a dance party without compare.

Superstar house

La Mode has gathered a small arms of super DJs, led by global star David Guetta. IHe is backed by Axwell, La Fleur and Steve Angelo among others. They’ll join forces in a week’s time at Café Opera.

Krazy Fiesta

The walls of Riddarkällaren are likely to melt on Friday when Gothenburg-based music collective Krazy Fiesta spray their hot club anthems out of the speakers. DJ duo Combustion’s loving electro/riot grrl hybrid will bring the temperature up another notch.


Club Hux Flux takes its ”more is more” motto to the max by organizing live performances from four acts on the La vida lo cash label. The whole thing will be broadcast live on the internet so people all over the world will be able to participate in the best club experience in ages. At Landet of course.


Brutal Stockholm band Fingerspitzengefuhl are joined by Norwegian band Stonegard and Sonic Ritual at Tanto. Moshpit mayhem beckons.