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Stockholm art gallery guide

Five weekend art gallery tips from Kalendarium (Click links for more information)

Electric Dreams:

The exhibition Together In Electric Dreams presents two sides of Anna Giertz’s artwork. The first side is a set of paintings, on large sheets of paper, where thin lines create a blood vessel-like whole. The second is a wall on which a selection of Giertz’s work is woven together in a wall painting. Coming soon to Galleri Jonas Kleerup.

Irrational at Magasin 3:

Fredrik Söderberg is holding an exhibition at Magasin 3. His work is displayed beside that of Carl Larsson work. Both artists belong to a storytelling tradition in which the irrational world is the focus. With about forty pieces from both artists dating from 1890-2008, the exhibition offers a new perspective.

Ice Cream Art:

Nine artists invite you to see their drip drop works at the ice-creamiest of group exhibitions, The Ice Cream Show at Galleri Loyal. Go see it!

Communist Dadaism:

It’s finally time for the large Spring exhibition at Tensta Konsthall. For the first time in the Nordic region, the American-Austrian artist, Rainer Ganahl, presents his work in the exhibition DADALENIN. The exhibition drives the thesis that Lenin was one of the founders of the Dada movement. A little crazy and very exciting.


The photographer Vincent Skoglund has returned to Sweden from his foreign adventures. Back on home ground he has worked on the project Lightyears and the whole project is now on display for the first time at Galleri Jonas Kleerup.