Celebrity chef Tina claims Let’s Dance crown

Celebrity chef Tina claims Let's Dance crown
Celebrity chef Tina Nordström won Sweden's Let's Dance competition in dramatic fashion on Friday. Speedway driver Tony Rickardsson was runner up.

Tina, who was partnered by Tobias Karlsson, became the first woman to claim the Let’s Dance crown when she danced Tony Rickardsson and partner Annika Sjöö off the floor in a close final.

Better known to the Swedish public as “Food Tina,” she applied the same gushing enthusiasm to her dancing that she does to cooking and wooed the massive TV audience.

For the three dances in the final, Tina and Tobias chose to dance a cha cha to “Det gör ont” (It hurts), a quickstep to “You’re the one that I want,” and a show dance number as a finale to the tunes of the classic “Proud Mary.” The pair received a standing ovation from the TV4 studio audience and jury members.

“Everybody should experience this,” Tina said after her finale.

“It is so much fun. I am going to start cooking again on Monday but maybe you will see a little glamour and high heels in the kitchen,” Tina told the audience.

The number ended in spectacular fashion with Tina and Tobias leaping onto the table in front of the judges and gyrating seductively. They were awarded with perfect tens all round and British judge Tony Irving was overwhelmed.

“That is the first time a woman has spread her legs in front of me like that in twenty years,” he joked.

Tony Rickardsson received praise from all corners for the progress he has made over the 12 weeks of the Let’s Dance competition. Coming from the macho world of speedway, Rickardsson applied the same competitive instinct that has taken him to six world titles and unexpectedly made it to the final.

Tony and his partner Annika, danced a salsa to “I will survive”, a slow foxtrot to “Fever” and a show dance finale to the Michael Jackson hit “Bad.” Clad in black and red leather outfits the pair mimicked the street dance moves of the so-called King of Pop.

The jury voting was close all evening and Tina and Tony both finished on 109 points. A million members of the public registered their votes and Tina claimed the crown.

Let’s Dance has attracted audiences of 1.5-2 million viewers every Friday of its 12 week run.