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Weekend club and concert guide: Stockholm

Looking to go clubbing in Stockholm this weekend? Check out these weekend club and concert tips from Kalendarium (Click links for more information)

B-more bash

Fux is a incredible b-more venture with Scottie B. They and they are playing at the Redline Bar. In Sätra! Agge, Turkdisco, Stefski and the gang have put together a party that tends to sway from total genius to total lunacy. We love it.

Gentleman’s Disco

Gentlemen Drivers play electro music with heart. The fabulous French band are in town for a concert at Debaser Medis organized by the Swedish Music Club. Don’t miss the break in 2042 L.A. Dreams: the most beautiful moment in music.

Soul House

Soulmates play classic house club at Grodan. Maundy Thursday music with Mad Mats and the crew.

Colour Party

Kommitén promises to bring you the most techno-filledMaundy Thursday ever. Miriam Pemberton takes it up a notch and Debaser Medis transforms into a colorful “blåkulla”.

The House Band

Housewives are the new residents at Tvåtrettiofemett. It’s going to be a Good Friday to die for. Mega-filthy house music with Adeline and LaFleur. That can’t be bad.

Black Roses

Popular Favorites is a new monthly club at Sugar Bar. The Black Rose Band from the United States will be there to warm things up on opening night on Thursday. Prepare for what will be a rock show of the very highest quality.

The Best Bar

Don’t Blame The Youth are primed to play two thirds of the Pleasant set. It won’t be as hard as usual, but who can resist happy b-more, top soca and the finest euro-electro. Come by for drinks!