Siemens to cut 3,800 jobs worldwide

Siemens is cutting thousands of jobs as part of a major restructuring effort. Up to 2,000 layoffs will be in Germany alone.

German industrial giant Siemens confirmed on Tuesday that it will cut up to 2,000 jobs in the country, and 3,800 worldwide.

As part of the massive reduction in staff at the company’s Siemens Enterprise Communications (SEN) unit, another 3,000 jobs will likely be outsourced, bringing the total number employees the firm aims to shed to 6,800.

“Under the control of Siemens, we will begin the accelerated restructuring of SEN and insure that the personnel effected by the changes are treated in the most socially responsible way possible,” said Siemens chief financial officer Joe Kaeser.

The company plans to begin negotiations for a social compensation plan with workers immediately.

The central SEN office in Munich will feel the sting of the layoffs most dearly, losing some 1,700 jobs. About 530 workers in Leipzig will lose their jobs or be absorbed by a company that takes over the SEN unit.

Siemens’ SEN unit employs 17,500 workers worldwide. As part of wider Siemens reorganization, the SEN unit is up for sale. The corporation says it is in the late stages of negotiations with three potential buyers.